Future Work

Jerry Bowles

Good morning, brave new world,

Welcome to the age of thinking machines. From robots and simple automation to artificial intelligence and cognitive compu ting, our lives and work are being transformed in ways we don't fully yet understand. What we know for sure is that having computers and software do many of the tasks that people have always performed will have profound implications for every industrial country and its people, economy, labor force, public policies, and politics. This newsletter is designed to chronicle many of these changes with both original and the best curated content.  Ideas, tips and e-mail to jerry.bowles@gmail.com

  A technology revolution is  likely to overwhelm the U.S. and other industrial nations in the next five to 15 years that will  likely destroy tens of millions of jobs due to automation by artificial intelligence, 3-D manufacturing, advanced robotics and driverless vehicles and other advanced technologies.  The best research to date indicates that 47 percent of all U.S. jobs are likely to be replaced by technology over the next 10 to 15 years, more than 80 million in all, according to the Bank of England.